How To Become An Artist

Step 1: Become An Artist

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Becoming an Artist has never been so easy.

Come sign up and join the thousands that have already joined. It’s really easy – see how it works here. Becoming an artist gives you the ability to build your profile the way that you want, and create a space online for everybody to see your entire catalog of art, or just a handful of your favourites. Artistry Boutique has a place for you to sell art from that collection and list yourself available to be hired by anybody in your area to produce custom, one of a kind art for new and excited clients.

You can let people know what is new in your world as an artist using our free and SEO-friendly blogging service; linking every reader back to your profile, art, and linked websites. And using our versatile profile tools, you can choose how to connect with new clients and customers, making your contact information as visible or private as you wish. An in-site messaging system also allows you to connect without any other forms of communication used.

Step 2: Create Your Profile

Updating your profile is easy and fun. Plus it helps thousands of people find you!

Your profile is your best foot forward – jump in with both feet!

Becoming an artist on Artistry Boutique gives you the ability to build your profile from the ground-up; the way you want it to look, and not how some other services may limit you. You can link to your own website, social media pages, and any other site you may be affiliated with – we have no restrictions! Post a write-up explaining your story – every artist has an amazing story – and then fill out a small sentence that really defines you. Upload a couple of images showcasing your creativity, and you’ve got your profile.

Every piece of art can be searched by location – a minimum of city is required. Beyond this, you can share as much or as little as you want to!

Step 3: Add Your Art

Adding your art gives you added exposure and makes you visible on the Artistry Boutique map.

Your art should be seen. We can help with that.

You’ve created your profile, now add your art to the equation. Artistry Boutique gives you unlimited space to list your art for the whole world to see. You get to be the one to decide how many items you list, and how many images of each item you want to add. Each piece of art can be listed on our Art Map, a map that lists the whole site worth of art by geographical location. Your art will also be viewed on our Art List, which will list each piece of art and is searchable by one of our hundreds of categories, styles, and subjects.

If somebody is looking for something, they will find it on our list. Each piece of art is also SEO-friendly and can be found on a regular Google search. With all of these reasons, we often wonder why an Artist wouldn’t want to list all of the art they can; we know we will!

Step 4: Share Your Art

You’ve signed up, you’ve added your Art, now share it with the world!

Now you have a place for people to go to. Show them!

You’ve added your art to Artistry Boutique, linked your profile, and started becoming an Artistry Boutique artist. Now share it with the world. Much like with any website, shout it from the rooftops! Link to your pieces on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and more! Write a blog using our free and limitless blog features. Add those entries to your social media timelines. Write more blogs, updates, and share more of what you create. People will find you via social media, search engines, and directly on Artistry Boutique before long.

And once your Art is shared and the views are coming in, you will be unstoppable. Sharing your art lets anyone who wants to purchase your art to see it, and if you attach a price to any of your art, they can purchase those items through Artistry Boutique from you. No need to set up any service you don’t want to – we send all of the payment to you via Paypal, Credit Card, or Cheque.

Step 5: Connect with Customers

Once you’re out there, you’ll be connecting with a wider market than you ever though possible. It’s that easy!

Customers are looking – now it’s your time to shine.

This is where being an artist is important – read about it here. You have been contacted by customers and they want to know about your art. Use our messaging service, or simply contact them directly, and connect with your customers and clients. If there is a question they may have, answer them.

If this questions keeps coming up, consider making a blog entry about it. Link to your Facebook feed and connect with potential clients there. When a potential client or customer is ready to make the purchase, feel safe in your knowledge that Artistry Boutique will let them purchase the item, and that you will get your money – no worries about potential scams or missed communication. With Artistry Boutique, you’re in the driver’s seat. Doesn’t it feel good? Come join us below!

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