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Artistry Boutique has made it easy to find art in the style, medium, and subject that you are looking for – and with each and every art piece being given no limits on their image number, image sizing, and descriptions means that you will be able to see as much of the art you are looking at as the artist could ever hope to show. And with our plethora of subjects, categories, and styles, you can be sure that each piece of art that you are looking at is relevant and of interest to you.

Artistry Boutique also gives you the unique option to put you in touch with the artist directly; no middle men! If you are looking for something not on the site, some of our artists are definitely open to being commissioned to create an original piece – or they may have some art that hasn’t been added to Artistry Boutique yet.

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Artistry Boutique makes this process as easy as possible. If the artist has their art listed as for sale on Artistry Boutique, you will have an option to add the item to your cart. Once you have made your purchase through Artistry Boutique, the artist and yourself will receive an email confirming the sale. Artistry Boutique holds all funds for 14 days for both you and the artist’s security. During this time, the artist gets in touch with you or simply ships the piece using your shipping information. It’s that easy!

If you contact an artist using an Ad that they have posted, you can use the contact form within the page or choose to contact them directly using any of their contact methods or sites, the choice is yours with Artistry Boutique!

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We Listen To You

Artistry Boutique uses your feedback to let other buyers just like you find out how each experience is with an artist or piece of art. Some artists will be able to use your experience feedback to better their profiles, descriptions, or even know what it is about their art that you like. Sharing their art with others increases their exposure and helps the community grow.

We also use your feedback to showcase artists who have been praised, and let some artists know when an experience was less than optimal. Your feedback matters at Artistry Boutique; we want to hear from you!

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