How It Works

A Community Built by Artists

What happens when a group of artists from different disciplines and backgrounds build something amazing?

This is what we’ve been waiting for our entire lives.

Take a decorative painter and accredited canvas artist, a designer and multimedia enthusiast, and a student of the arts and arts activist. Put them together and team them with a developer with a keen interest in the arts community.

Now start dreaming.

That’s what we did one day in 2013. Tired of what was offered out there in similar services, we created a wish list. We made a wish list, and then we made a realistic list, and then we made a list of items that should be fine for Artistry Boutique.

And then we threw out everything but the wish list.

Flexible payment options? Check. Amazing profiles for Artists? Check. Unlimited space to share your art? Check. Free blogging space to attract more visitors? Check.

Commissions? Gone. Proprietary software? Gone. Hidden Fees? Gone.

We asked ourselves what we would want, and then we built it. No compromises. And it feels great.

A Trusted Platform Without the Headaches

We’ve taken the guesswork out of selling and sharing online. Secure, reliable, and flexible. That’s Artistry Boutique.

We talk about safety, trust, and security because we practice these things.

We mention on our about page the idea of being trustworthy. We feel that trust is the foundation of any good community, and especially so within the arts community. We believe that this starts with us. We use secure and up to date technology standards in order to deliver a service that is secure, reliable, and hassle-free. SSL security and a rock-solid payment portal leveraging amazing services such as Paypal allow us to feel secure in our ability to deliver a problem-free experience. We have all of this running on our amazing and friendly hosting partner to ensure that things are running properly at all hours of the day, every single day.

And if you have any questions about any of this? Just contact us and we will be happy to not only discuss your concerns, but explain our process in greater detail as well. Because this is a community we are building.

And that’s really what it’s about, isn’t it?

Be A Teacher

Beacause we all want to learn

Whether you are a master or beginner of your craft, there is always something you can pass on to others. Help other artists grow their art – share your knowledge.

Be A Adventurer

Experimentation breeds innovation

Trying something new, take a risk, and let the world see everything that makes you an artist. Sometimes our best process comes from what we feel is a failure.

Be Truthful

Trust is the cornerstone of a community

With yourself and others, be truthful. Trust is what makes a community truly great, and is also something that is the hardest to build.

Be A Student

Because growth is Amazing

It’s never too late to learn and grow. Share ideas and be open to new processes. Learning and collaborating with your community can help grow the discussion of art.

Be A Curator

Be True To Yourself

You are your best and worst critic. Ensure that you always put your best foot forward – you decide what the world sees.

Be Constructive, Not Destructive

Because we all want to be our best

We all want to help others reach their full potential; especially in the arts community. Just ensure your criticism is constructive and not destructive. Be what you want to see from the community.

Zero Commission and No Limits

As artists our dream was to create a community that didn’t restrict. And we did just that!

Our creativity as artists knows no boundaries.
And neither should our service.

We were told that this was impossible, we were asked how we could offer what we are offering. That didn’t deter us, because we knew deep down what we wanted as artists. It is the same thing that you want.

To not be limited.

Our goal from the beginning was to make Artistry Boutique the easiest, more approachable art community. Part of doing this was getting rid of the add-ons. “Purchase extra space for 19.99” was something we never wanted to see on Artistry Boutique, and that’s just what we accomplished.

The sky’s the limit, really.

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