About Us

About Us

Who We Are and What Makes Us Tick

This is what we do… and we love what we do.

Artistry Boutique is about more than being a collection of profiles and entries. We’re a community of Artists, coming together and promoting what we know and love around the globe, one awesome community at a time. Here at Artistry Boutique, we are trying to contribute to the conversation about arts and culture on a global scale.

We started this community because we, like many artists out there, were perplexed with the lack of options for us to get our names and our passions out into the world and in front of those who would appreciate what we do – those actively looking for what we do – every single day. When we did find a service that looked easy enough to use, the lack of features or the strong commission levels stifled our ability to promote ourselves and our fellow colleagues.

So we got together, put our skills to use, and started polling our groups of artists. Friends, relatives, colleagues, peers. We put together a wish list of what everybody involved would like to see in a service geared towards us – not a list of what others think we might want from a service such as this – but a list built from the ground up by artists, for artists.

Artistry Boutique was born.

Right now, our dedicated team is adding new features from more wish lists, tweaking what is already there based on your feedback, and working to make sure that Artistry Boutique is the best that it can be. Because we, just like you, want this.

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Artistry Boutique

Be A Teacher

Beacause we all want to learn

Whether you are a master or beginner of your craft, there is always something you can pass on to others. Help other artists grow their art – share your knowledge.

Be An Adventurer

Experimentation breeds innovation

Trying something new, take a risk, and let the world see everything that makes you an artist. Sometimes our best process comes from what we feel is a failure.

Be Truthful

Trust is the cornerstone of a community

With yourself and others, be truthful. Trust is what makes a community truly great, and is also something that is the hardest to build.

Be A Student

Because growth is Amazing

It’s never too late to learn and grow. Share ideas and be open to new processes. Learning and collaborating with your community can help grow the discussion of art.

Be A Curator

Be True To Yourself

You are your best and worst critic. Ensure that you always put your best foot forward – you decide what the world sees.

Be Constructive, Not Destructive

Because we all want to be our best

We all want to help others reach their full potential; especially in the arts community. Just ensure your criticism is constructive and not destructive. Be what you want to see from the community.

Around The Office

See who we are and what we do to make this the best we can

Our Office

While technically our office, we’re used to a lot of the words used from our time as artists. “The Studio”, as we call it, is our creative development space where we conjure up new features and hone those ideas.

What makes the studio great for us is the flexibility to move seamlessly between development and the other creative passions that drove our need to create this service. We live and breathe art.

Meet The Team

See who we are and what we do to make this the best we can/h3>

Jeremy Kasdorf

Co-Founder, Technology Director

Jeremy Kasdorf’s interest in digital mediums began at an early age – often times filming stop-motion animation shorts to determine whether batman or superman would win in a fight. Like many people his age, he became enamored by the prospect of being able to create anything and everything on the computer. Unlike some of those people, he has always held a strong fondness within him for the classic analog methods. Thus, he has often times merged the two worlds in his endeavors. Jeremy has believed from the beginning that art can take on many different forms, and can come from many different disciplines (…)

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